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Exposure & Bonding

Wisdom teeth and canines are most commonly affected by impaction. Exposure and bonding is a common procedure to treat impacted canines.

Exposure & Bonding

Exposure & bonding procedure for an impacted tooth

Exposure and bonding for impacted canines is a common procedure. At Greater Montana Oral & Dental Implant Surgery, Dr. Jerman treats a broad scope of oral surgery procedures on patients of all ages. If your child has been referred for impacted canine exposure, we invite you to receive a consultation with Dr. Jerman.

Greater Montana Oral & Dental Implant Surgery believes in achieving outstanding results for their patients. Dr. Jerman and his staff will go above and beyond to provide an outstanding experience throughout every step of your treatment at his state-of-the-art office in Kalispell, MT.

What causes canine impaction?

While most teeth will come in without any complication, it is not unusual for a tooth to become impacted. Canine teeth are commonly affected by impaction, which is usually caused by dental crowding. Crowding or retained baby teeth may prevent proper eruption of the permanent canine.

As primary (baby) teeth begin to erupt your child should be seen by their general or pediatric dentist regularly, who will aid in monitoring the growth and development of your child’s primary and permanent teeth. They will be able to identify potential problems with eruption and refer you to the appropriate dental professionals: your orthodontist and oral surgeon. These specialists will work together to provide the proper treatment for your child’s impacted teeth.

At Greater Montana Oral & Dental Implant Surgery, we will do what we can to treat an impacted canine. If an impacted tooth is unable to be treated, options for tooth replacement, such as dental implants, may be discussed.

How does the exposure and bonding treatment work?

Exposure and bonding treatment is a common method of guiding an impacted canine tooth into position. An orthodontist usually assists in the exposure and bonding process by preparing the mouth with braces and creating a space in the dental arch for the impacted tooth. Over time, the gentle but constant pressure from the braces will shift the surrounding teeth and make room for the impacted canine to come in. Once the space is ready, your oral surgeon will perform a minor surgical procedure to expose the tooth. A bracket and chain are then bonded to the tooth. After appropriate healing, your orthodontist will use the chain to help the canine tooth move into position.

Greater Montana Oral & Dental Implant Surgery treats patients of all ages at their practice in Kalispell, MT. Dr. Jerman is dedicated to achieving your oral health goals while providing the highest standard of care. Greater Montana Oral & Dental Implant Surgery offers a broad scope of oral surgery procedures, including exposure and bonding. If you are ready to request a consultation with Dr. Jerman, please contact us today.